Physical Therapist

Initial Physiotherapy Assessment & Diagnosis

Patient-Centered Treatment

Your first appointment will be your initial physiotherapy assessment. This will include: a thorough assessment of your complaint & diagnosis, treatment and a personalised home exercise programme  appropriate for you to aid pain relief and recovery

Physical Therapy Session

Follow up Physiotherapy Appointment

Continued care

Following your initial assessment and treatment you may need a follow up appointment to continue with appropriate treatment and review/progress your home exercise programme accordingly to aid recovery and return to optimal function.


Sports Massage

Full or half body

Upper and/or lower body sports massage including deep tissue massage, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques and trigger point therapy as appropriate for each individual’s complaints.

Senior Physiotherapy

Home Visit - Physiotherapy assessment

Patient-Centered Treatment at Home

Initial physiotherapy home visit - for those who are housebound or have difficulty getting out. For assessment of mobility, balance, falls prevention or general muscle strengthening.

talking on phones

Telephone/FaceTime/Zoom Consultation

Subjective Assessment of complaint, appropriate physiotherapy-led home exercises individualised to your needs for effective self-management, and advice on pain control/relief all over the phone and in the comfort of your own home.

Yoga Mats

Pilates (APPI certified)

Maria @Private Physiotherapy is a qualified APPI certified Matwork Pilates Instructor and is very pleased to now be offering Class and 1-2-1 Physiotherapy-led Pilates sessions.  

APPI Pilates (The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) is one of the leading Pilates institutes in the world. APPI Pilates method has become one of the most popular forms of rehabilitative exercise programmes in healthcare.

The APPI Pilates method breaks down each of Joseph Pilates traditional 34 exercises into various levels to ensure there is a safe and effective level for all, at any given stage of their fitness/rehabilitation journey.

Classes are available for:

Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced/Mixed Ability Pilates Classes

Lower Back Pain Pilates Classes

Antenatal (Pregnancy - All Trimesters) Pilates Classes 

Postnatal Pilates Classes (from 6weeks - 1 year after childbirth)

Please contact for further information and class timetable.